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TransUnion Invests $24M in Truework, Expanding Competitiveness

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TransUnion’s Strategic Investment in Truework

TransUnion, a renowned credit reporting agency, has made a significant investment of $24 million in Truework, a San Francisco-based startup specializing in income and employment verification services.

Truework’s Cutting-Edge Platform Revolutionizing Verification

Truework, established in 2017, has developed an innovative platform that simplifies income and employment verification processes. With a remarkable total funding of $118.9 million from prominent investors like Sequoia Capital and Khosla Ventures, Truework has emerged as a leading player in its field.

Consolidating Services for Enhanced Competitiveness

By integrating Truework’s advanced verification platform, TransUnion aims to consolidate its service offerings, gaining a distinct competitive advantage, particularly against industry rival Equifax.

Paving the Way for Future Growth and Development

While the possibility of a complete acquisition of Truework by TransUnion remains uncertain, this strategic investment establishes the foundation for improved accuracy and accessibility of income data for businesses and consumers alike.

TransUnion’s Proactive Approach to Expansion

TransUnion has a history of strategic acquisitions, having successfully acquired 24 organizations thus far, including the recent undisclosed acquisition of Verisk Financial in February 2022. In the dynamic market landscape, acquisitions often present promising opportunities for startup growth and success.

TransUnion’s Position as a Leading Force in Credit Reporting

Through its significant investment in Truework, TransUnion solidifies its standing as a global leader in credit data and insights. By offering comprehensive products and services, TransUnion empowers businesses and benefits millions of consumers, shaping the future of the credit reporting industry.


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