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Tiledesk is an AI-powered customer engagement platform that improves customer service, offers scalability, and easy customization. It’s open-source and transparent.

The AI-Powered Customer Engagement Platform You Need

Are you looking for a game-changing customer engagement platform that easily connects your business with your customers via instant messaging? Look no further than Tiledesk, the open-source solution that is designed to improve your customer service in ways you have never seen before.

Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Customer Engagement Platform

With Tiledesk, you can benefit from a platform that is powered by cutting-edge AI technology and has been built with a deep understanding of what makes customer engagement successful.

Transparent & Trusted Open-Source Platform

As an open-source platform, Tiledesk is designed to be transparent, meaning you can trust in the software and know exactly what it is doing. Plus, by using open-source software, you can be sure that Tiledesk has been vetted and tested by developers from all over the world.

Effortless Customer Engagement with Tiledesk

Tiledesk has been designed with customer engagement at the forefront, meaning it is based on years of experience in the industry. The platform has been created to enable you to easily connect with your customers using instant messaging, which is now the most popular communication channel.


Using Tiledesk brings a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction, thanks to the instant messaging capabilities that allow you to provide quick and efficient support
  • Increased scalability, as the platform is designed to grow as your business does
  • Easy customization, meaning you can tailor the platform to best meet the needs of your business
  • 24/7 support, available to help you with any issues you may have


While Tiledesk is an excellent platform, it’s important to note that there are a few potential drawbacks, including:

  • Some users may find the platform’s AI functionality a little too complex
  • As an open-source platform, Tiledesk is not always compatible with all third-party applications

Final Thoughts

There is no question that Tiledesk is an incredible platform that can help you take your customer engagement to the next level. With its AI-powered capabilities, customizable design, and scalability, you can benefit from all the advantages of this powerful customer engagement platform.

Improved customer satisfaction


Increased scalability


Easy customization


24/7 support


Little too complex


Not always compatible with all third-party applications


  • +Improved customer satisfaction
  • +Increased scalability
  • +Easy customization
  • +24/7 support


  • -Little too complex
  • -Not always compatible with all third-party applications
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