The rise of Artificial Intelligence
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The rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Threat it Poses to Certain Jobs

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AI Could Potentially Replace 300 Million Jobs Globally

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing and it that has seen tremendous advancements in recent years. The rise of Artificial Intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines that work, solve problems, and learn like humans. It seeks to replicate cognitive abilities such as learning, perception, reasoning, and natural language processing.

Goldman Sachs recently released a report which says that AI could replace 300 million jobs worldwide in the next few decades. This news sent shock waves through various industries, causing fear and uncertainty about the future of work.


In this blog post, we will write about the jobs that are likely to become obsolete due to the rise of Artificial Intelligence advancements. According to the World Economic Forum, jobs such as accountants, content moderators, legal assistants, proofreaders, traders, transcribers, graphic designers, customer service agents, soldiers, and writers, could disappear.

Let us examine each of these jobs in greater detail:


Accountants may be affected because of the development of AI-powered accounting software. Basic accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll may be automated, allowing for faster and more efficient processes.

Content moderators

Content moderators are individuals who review content on social media platforms, including various materials such as posts and videos. AI technology can effectively and efficiently analyze and filter out content that violates platform policies, reducing the need for human moderators.

Legal assistants

Legal assistants can be replaced by AI-powered legal software that can perform various functions such as identifying relevant legal documents, conducting legal research, and drafting legal documents.


Proofreaders may become obsolete thanks to AI text-to-speech technology that can identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Traders and financial analysts

Traders and financial analysts rely on market data to make financial decisions. AI technology, equipped with advanced algorithms, can perform analytics and provide financial predictions, and may therefore reduce the need for human intervention.


Transcribers can be replaced by AI-powered transcription software that can transcribe audio in real-time with great accuracy.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers may be replaced by AI-powered systems that use algorithms to produce visuals.

Customer service agents

Customer service agents can be replaced by interactive AI-powered conversational agents that can provide customer service without human interaction.


Soldiers may be at risk because military technology has seen amazing advancements and it features AI-powered weapons, including drones. Therefore, military personnel may be significantly reduced with just a handful left to control the machines.


Finally, writers can be replaced by AI-published articles that mimic human writing styles and are designed for specific topics and audiences.

Preparing for the Impact of AI Technology on Employment

AI technology has the potential to replace jobs that require human intervention in various sectors. The advancement of AI technology is faster than we had anticipated and it requires that we adapt accordingly. It also means that industries must adapt to the future by reskilling and upskilling workers.

We must embrace the shift and ensure that the integration of AI technology is ethical and not causing displacement of millions of workers.

Therefore, whilst the development of AI technology can yield many benefits, it is essential to be aware of its potential consequences.


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