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Empowering Africa with Renewable Energy: Yellow’s $14 Million Fundraising Success

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Introducing Yellow – A Solar Startup Making a Difference in Africa

In a world where many regions still lack reliable access to electricity, solar startups and nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly to bridge this gap. One such organization making a significant impact is Yellow, a startup founded in 2018. Operating in Africa, Yellow is dedicated to financing solar energy and digital devices like smartphones in countries such as Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.

Yellow Secures $14 Million in Series B Funding Led by Convergence Partners

Recent news reports have revealed that Yellow has achieved a major milestone by raising an impressive $14 million in a series B funding round led by Convergence Partners. This influx of capital will be pivotal in expanding the company’s reach and bringing affordable solar systems and smartphones to even more customers.

Driving Growth and Profitability

Yellow’s founder and CEO, Heyink, proudly shares the company’s remarkable growth rate. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 265% over the past four years, Yellow has shown substantial progress in providing renewable energy solutions to underserved communities. Its network of 1,100 agents, utilizing the proprietary Ofeefee app, has been instrumental in reaching over 400,000 customers across the five markets it serves.

Transforming Lives with Innovative Products

At the heart of Yellow’s success lies its product offerings that cater to the unique needs of its customers. Among its most popular products is the small home solar system, which includes a 6-10W panel, a 20-50Wh battery, four lights, a cellphone charger, and a radio. Additionally, Yellow offers larger solar systems and smartphones. Customers can access these products with a deposit of $10 for small solar home systems and $68 for larger systems. The remaining balance can be paid through monthly installments over six or 24 months.

A Vision for the Future

Yellow’s ambitions reach far beyond its current achievements. With a focus on enhancing existing product categories and expanding into mobile financial services, the startup is poised for even greater success. The company aims to reach one million customers in the near future, further contributing to the efforts of organizations and startups striving to bring reliable electricity to underserved regions worldwide.

Empowering Africa with Renewable Energy

As Yellow continues to make strides in providing clean, renewable energy solutions, it reinforces the larger mission of empowering Africa with electricity. The company’s dedication and impact in financing solar energy and smartphones exemplify the potential of startups and organizations to drive positive change in regions where electricity access remains a pressing need. With Yellow leading the way, a brighter and sustainable future beckons for Africa and beyond.


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