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Superhuman is an AI email assistant that sorts and prioritizes emails based on user behavior, enhancing productivity.

Superhuman – Your AI Email Assistant

Innovation in technology has made our lives easier and simpler, especially as the world becomes more digital. It has led to the creation of a highly efficient email assistant, Superhuman. The AI email assistant has revolutionized the way we manage our email inboxes, enhancing our productivity levels, and saving us time.

Maximize Productivity with Superhuman

Superhuman is powered by AI technology that sorts through your entire email inbox and prioritizes your emails based on your behavioral patterns. It also provides options for scheduling and setting reminders for important emails. The technology behind Superhuman continues to evolve, ensuring that you get the latest and most efficient features possible.

Data Security

Superhuman assures users of the highest levels of confidentiality and data security. The AI email assistant upholds the highest levels of user privacy and data protection to ensure peace of mind for its users. All the details you input during setup and usage are kept strictly confidential.

Efficient Email Management

Superhuman is an intuitive and user-friendly tool, with an emphasis on time-saving and productivity enhancement. For instance, the quick “undo send” feature ensures that you can recall emails sent in error. Additionally, an open rate tracker is included to help you track the performance of your emails.


  • Superhuman sorts your emails based on your behavioral patterns, enabling you to focus on the most crucial emails
  • The scheduling and reminders feature is highly useful, helping you prioritize your tasks for the day or week
  • The undo send feature allows you to recall emails you accidentally sent, leading to a seamless experience
  • The open rate tracker feature ensures you can monitor the performance of your emails instantly


  • The high cost of Superhuman is a significant drawback for some users
  • The lack of a mobile app limits the accessibility and convenience of the tool in some cases
  • Integration with other email services besides Gmail is still not available

Final Thoughts

Superhuman is the future of email management. It is an intuitive and intelligent tool that saves you time and makes your email management a breeze. The features that Superhuman offers make it an excellent choice for those looking for an AI email assistant that enhances productivity and gives peace of mind. The only downside is the cost, which may put some users off. Nonetheless, if you can afford it, Superhuman is a must-have tool to elevate your email management experience.

Sorts your emails


Scheduling and reminders feature


Undo send feature


Open rate tracker feature


High cost


Lack of a mobile app


Integration with other email services


  • +Sorts your emails
  • +Scheduling and reminders feature
  • +Undo send feature
  • +Open rate tracker feature


  • -High cost
  • -Lack of a mobile app
  • -Integration with other email services
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