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Snyk Acquires Enso Security: Strengthening Cybersecurity Capabilities

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Snyk Expands its Cybersecurity Portfolio with Enso Security Acquisition

Israeli cybersecurity firm Snyk announces the acquisition of Enso Security, an Israeli startup, in a deal estimated to be over $50 million. This strategic move aims to bolster Snyk’s cybersecurity offerings and enhance its position in the market.

Positive Development for Snyk After Employee Layoffs

The acquisition brings some positive news for Snyk following significant employee layoffs, with around a quarter of its workforce let go in the past year. This acquisition signals Snyk’s commitment to growth and its determination to rebound from recent challenges.

Enso Security’s Funding and Investors

Enso Security, which has raised less than $10 million in funding, boasts an impressive lineup of investors, including Israeli VC firm YL Ventures, CyberArk, and Merlin Ventures. This backing underscores the potential and innovative nature of Enso Security’s offerings.

Snyk’s Plans to Utilize Enso’s Application Security Posture Management

Snyk has strategic plans to leverage Enso’s Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution, a cutting-edge technology that provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s application security posture. By integrating this solution, Snyk aims to offer developers a robust and holistic security platform.

Snyk’s Employment Growth with Enso Acquisition

As part of the acquisition, Enso Security’s talented team, composed of approximately 30 employees, will join Snyk. This addition brings valuable expertise and strengthens Snyk’s workforce, enabling the company to further innovate and expand its cybersecurity capabilities.

Enso’s Platform Capabilities and Benefits

Enso’s platform provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of their applications, streamlining development processes, reducing risks, and empowering security teams to prioritize and track tasks effectively.

By offering real-time feedback and optimization based on data from existing tools, Enso enhances application security, helping businesses stay ahead in an increasingly complex threat landscape.


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