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Salesforce Unveils AI Cloud Suite for Enterprise-Level AI Solutions

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Introducing AI Cloud: Salesforce’s New Suite for AI Empowerment

Salesforce launches Cloud, a suite of products aimed at enhancing its position in the competitive AI landscape, offering enterprise-ready AI tools and generative AI integration across its platform.

Cloud Capabilities: Hosting and Serving AI Models

Cloud hosts and serves Artificial Intelligence models, including text-generating models, from partners like Amazon Web Services, Anthropic, Cohere, and OpenAI, providing a diverse range of Artificial Intelligence capabilities on Salesforce’s cloud infrastructure.

Salesforce-Built Models: Powering Flagship Products

Nine Salesforce-built models in Cloud, such as Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, and Tableau GPT, enhance Salesforce’s flagship products, enabling personalized emails, service briefings, targeted marketing, and code generation.

Specialized Models: Slack GPT, Flow GPT, Tableau GPT, and Apex GPT

Cloud offers specialized models like Slack GPT for embedding AI actions in workflows, Tableau GPT for generating visualizations, and Apex GPT for code vulnerability scanning and suggestions.

Einstein Trust Layer: AI Moderation and Redaction Service

Salesforce introduces Einstein Trust Layer, an AI moderation and redaction service that enhances trust and security by preventing sensitive information retention and filtering for toxicity in text prompts and model responses.

Prompt Templates and Data Integration: Streamlining AI Adoption

Cloud provides prompt templates and tools for easy customization, leveraging Salesforce’s data to create AI prompts aligned with specific use cases, offering a powerful combination of AI, data, and customer relationship management for enhanced value.


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