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Norden Ventures into Biofuels Expansion with Stake in Mash Makes for Sustainable Shipping

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Norden’s Strategic Move

In a significant move towards environmental sustainability and renewable biofuel, prominent shipping giant Norden has recently acquired a minority stake in Mash Makes, an innovative startup specializing in renewable fuels derived from biomass waste. This collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of biofuel offerings, enhancing Norden’s involvement in the green energy revolution.

Pioneering Partnership for Renewable Biofuel

Norden’s newly cemented role as a strategic partner for Mash Makes sets the stage for a paradigm shift in the maritime sector. The collaboration entails Norden’s support in introducing Mash Makes’ groundbreaking bio-oil products to the marine fuel market, coupled with securing off-take biofuel agreements to fuel Norden’s fleet. With testing on the horizon, this partnership holds immense potential for reshaping the industry’s future.

Shipping Industry’s Green Ambitions

As the global shipping industry pushes towards net-zero and zero carbon emissions, the imperative of alternative fuels’ stable supply takes center stage. Industry frontrunners like Maersk, X-Press Feeder, NYK, and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines are actively propelling the development and adoption of eco-friendly fuels, including green methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen, underscoring the industry’s commitment to a greener future.

Collaborative Innovation for Sustainable Shipping

Norden’s collaboration with Mash Makes spans back to 2021, marked by rigorous biofuel trials that have opened new horizons. A trailblazer in its own right, Norden embarked on large-scale biofuel testing aboard an ocean-going vessel in 2018. Through this synergy, Norden has gleaned valuable insights into the feasibility and scalability of Mash Makes’ biofuel platform, positioning both entities as drivers of transformative change.

Norden’s Vision for Decarbonization

Jan Rindbo, CEO of Norden, highlights the urgency for shipping companies to transcend traditional fuel supply agreements, emphasizing rapid decarbonization. By actively embedding themselves within the supply chain, Norden aims to guarantee substantial biofuel volumes and competitive pricing, catalyzing the adoption of low-emission freight solutions and accelerating the industry’s sustainability goals.

From Innovation to Implementation

Tracing its origins to a project at the Technological University of Denmark in 2015, Mash Makes has evolved into a trailblazing force focused on converting diverse waste streams—particularly residual biomass—into energy products. With its inaugural production site established in Ahmedabad, India, and ongoing research spanning Denmark and India, Mash Makes is on the cusp of unveiling its inaugural bio-oil product. Norden’s strategic roadmap includes conducting initial trials aboard its vessels in early 2024, gradually escalating production to emerge as a pivotal supplier to Norden’s fleet over the next three years. This vision aligns strategically with the global shipping industry’s concerted efforts towards decarbonization, aiming to impact key industry hubs worldwide.


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