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QuoIntelligence Raises €5 Million to Expand AI-Based Threat Intelligence Service in Europe

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German Cybersecurity Startup, QuoIntelligence, Advances Cyber Resilience with AI-Based Threat Intelligence Service

QuoIntelligence, a German cybersecurity startup, is making waves in educating businesses about the importance of threat intelligence in bolstering cybersecurity strategies and enhancing cyber resilience. Recognizing its growing significance, the leading provider of threat intelligence in Europe recently closed a successful seed financing round, securing a substantial €5 million investment.

Investment Led by DeepTech VC Investor eCAPITAL

The seed financing round was led by eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners, a renowned DeepTech venture capital investor with previous successful backing of companies such as Liefergrün and Dryad. The funding round also witnessed participation from private investors who share the vision of QuoIntelligence’s pivotal role in the cybersecurity landscape.

Unique Threat Intelligence Offering Captivates Corporates

The driving force behind QuoIntelligence’s funding success lies in its highly differentiated threat intelligence offering, which has attracted a rapidly growing number of corporate clients. By providing comprehensive Digital Risk Protection, unique Threat Intelligence, and empowering Risk Intelligence, the startup equips organizations with timely, tailored threat intelligence, enabling them to make informed security decisions and minimize operational risks.

Fueling Growth and Expansion

QuoIntelligence plans to leverage the €5 million investment to fuel its expansion and growth. A key focus will be on bolstering the QuoIntelligence team by recruiting top talent, reinforcing product and service offerings, and significantly expanding the company’s market reach across Europe.

Combining Human Expertise with AI to Unleash Unrivaled Threat Intelligence

Founded in 2020 by Marco Riccardi in Frankfurt, Germany, QuoIntelligence has developed a unique threat intelligence service that seamlessly combines AI technology with human expertise. The SaaS startup’s approach sets it apart in a cybersecurity world dominated by scalable technology, adding the essential human touch that makes a critical difference in delivering exceptional threat intelligence services.

A Promising Future for QuoIntelligence

With a portfolio of clients that includes companies in the DAX40, EU banks, and various sectors like insurance, industrial, semiconductor, retail, and transportation, QuoIntelligence is rapidly gaining recognition as a preeminent threat intelligence provider. Presently employing over 40 professionals, the company operates in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the US, with a broad customer base spread across the EU. The recent partnership with eCAPITAL positions QuoIntelligence for further ascension as the go-to threat intelligence partner in Europe for years to come.


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