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Pixxel: Google Joins $36 Million Funding Round for Space Startup’s Hyperspectral Imaging Satellites

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Pixxel Secures $36 Million Funding with Google as New Investor

Indian space startup Pixxel announces a successful $36 million funding round, attracting new investor Google. Pixxel aims to develop a constellation of hyperspectral imaging satellites for earth monitoring purposes, alongside its popular search engine and mapping services.

Advancing ‘Aurora’: Pixxel’s AI-Powered Analytics Platform

The funding will support the advancement of Pixxel’s ‘Aurora’ platform, which utilizes artificial intelligence to provide accessible hyperspectral analysis. The company envisions this platform as a means to empower individuals worldwide in making informed decisions about the planet’s collective well-being.

Launch Plans and Mission Goals

Pixxel plans to launch six satellites in 2024 and an additional 18 by 2025. These satellites will form the world’s first and highest-resolution hyperspectral satellite constellation, enabling actionable climate insights on a global scale.

Pixxel Becomes India’s Top-Funded Space Tech Startup

With the latest funding round, Pixxel’s venture funding reaches a total of $71 million, establishing its position as the highest-funded space tech startup in India. Notable investors include Lightspeed, Radical Ventures, Accenture Ventures, and others.

Pixxel’s Impact on Earth Monitoring and Climate Insights

Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging satellites will provide invaluable data for monitoring emissions, water pollution, gas leaks, oil spills, soil composition, forest biodiversity, and crop health. The company’s technology offers unprecedented levels of detail and faster data acquisition.

Expanding Partnerships and Future Prospects

Pixxel expresses gratitude to its investors for their continuous support and commitment to the company’s vision. The space startup recently secured a five-year contract with the NRO Commercial Systems Program Office, further solidifying its position in the commercial hyperspectral capabilities domain.


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