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Payoneer Boosts Global SMB Services Through Acquisition of Israeli AI Startup Spott

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Pioneering SMB Empowerment

Payoneer, a prominent US-based fintech leader devoted to empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on a global scale, has unveiled a strategic acquisition that will bolster its AI capabilities. The company has acquired Spott, an Israel-based real-time data platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI), reaffirming its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of its diverse customer base and streamlining SMB operations.

Precision through AI-Driven Data

Spott’s pioneering AI-driven technology serves as a potent instrument for precise data analysis, bestowing businesses with the power to swiftly make well-informed decisions. This acquisition positions Payoneer with a robust toolkit that enhances its understanding of customer needs, thereby elevating its capacity to address the multifaceted demands of SMBs operating internationally.

Elevating Working Capital Solutions

The heart of Spott’s technology infusion lies within Payoneer’s working capital products, where it is set to fortify underwriting capabilities. By harnessing AI-powered predictive analysis, Payoneer aims to elevate its services, providing SMBs with reliable working capital solutions. This strategic move propels Payoneer closer to realizing its goal of providing a seamless and distinctive customer experience.

A Vision of Transformation

Assaf Ronen, Payoneer’s Chief Platform Officer, radiates enthusiasm for the acquisition’s potential to transform customer experiences. He underscores Payoneer’s unwavering commitment to investing in AI and data for delivering unique and seamless customer interactions. The integration of Spott’s technology is poised to become a valuable asset to SMBs spanning nearly 200 countries and territories.

A Global Impact

Amit Batzir, Spott’s Co-founder and CEO, echoes Ronen’s sentiment and emphasizes the worldwide benefits of their technology within Payoneer’s ecosystem. He anticipates that today’s announcement will amplify assistance to businesses globally, aligning Spott’s vision with Payoneer’s and paving the way for collaborative innovation.

Unleashing the Future of SMB Empowerment

Spott’s Co-founders, Amit Batzir and CTO Roma Bronstein, will integrate into Payoneer’s esteemed Technology team, further accelerating the assimilation of Spott’s technology. This strategic partnership between visionary minds is poised to drive rapid progress in data analysis, propelling Payoneer’s services to unprecedented heights.


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