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Passenger Misconduct on Sydney-Delhi Flight: Air India Official Incident Raises Cabin Crew Concerns

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Incident of Passenger Assault on Air India Official during Sydney-Delhi Flight

In a recent incident during an Air India flight from Sydney to Delhi, a passenger allegedly assaulted a senior airport official. The incident occurred when the official, who had been downgraded from business class to economy due to a seat malfunction, attempted to address the passenger’s disruptive behavior, involving loud voice usage.

Allegations of Cabin Crew’s Failure to Restrain the Unruly Passenger

Concerns have been raised regarding the alleged failure of the airport cabin crew to employ restraining devices to control the unruly passenger, despite the physical assault. Sources claim that the crew did not take appropriate action to contain the situation.

Air India’s Response and Intimation to DGCA

An Air India spokesperson issued a statement acknowledging the incident, stating that the passenger displayed unacceptable behavior despite receiving verbal and written warnings. The spokesperson further confirmed that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had been duly informed about the incident. The airline emphasized its commitment to taking a strong stance against misbehavior and pursuing legal action as necessary.

Seat Change and Reassignment for the Air India Official

The seat originally assigned to the airport official was 30-C; however, due to the presence of other passengers, he requested a change. Consequently, he was reseated in 25 ABC, as confirmed by a source familiar with the situation.

The Air India Official’s Attempt to Address the Passenger’s Behavior

After being seated in his new location, the airport official began correcting the passenger regarding the volume of his voice. It was during this interaction that the assault reportedly took place. The incident caused distress among fellow passengers and required intervention from the cabin crew.

Air India’s Pledge to Take Strong Action Against Misbehavior

Air India has reaffirmed its commitment to combating unruly behavior by passengers. The airline has assured the public that it will not tolerate such incidents and will pursue legal avenues to hold the responsible individuals accountable for their actions. The authorities, including the DGCA, will be involved in investigating the incident further.


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