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OTV Introduces Odisha’s First AI News Anchor ‘Lisa’ for Cutting-Edge Journalism

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OTV Unveils Revolutionary AI News Anchor ‘Lisa’ in Odisha

Odisha Television Limited (OTV), the state’s leading private satellite news channel, launched Odisha’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor, Lisa, during a ceremony in Bhubaneswar. OTV’s Managing Director, Jagi Mangat Panda, highlighted the significance of embracing AI technology in the evolving media landscape.

A Milestone Achievement for OTV in AI Broadcasting

Lisa, the AI news anchor, marks the initiation of AI in television broadcasting in the region. OTV takes pride in being the first free-to-air regional television network to introduce an AI news anchor, catering to the growing digital audience. Lisa also holds the distinction of being the first Odia news anchor.

Reflecting on OTV’s 25-Year Journey and Objectives

OTV’s journey, which began in 1997, has consistently aimed to fulfill its objective of delivering quality news. As OTV celebrates 25 years of television journalism, Managing Director Jagi Mangat Panda expresses gratitude for the channel’s sustained success and emphasizes the importance of evolving with viewer expectations.

AI as a Partner in Transforming News Delivery

Today’s viewers seek in-depth news coverage rather than mere quantity. Jagi Mangat Panda believes that AI will play a crucial role in facilitating repetitive tasks and data analysis, enabling OTV to provide viewers with unique perspectives and answers. Integrating AI into news delivery enhances the channel’s ability to meet evolving audience in jurnalism needs.

Lisa – India’s First AI Odia News Anchor

OTV’s Digital Business Head, Litisha Mangat Panda, discusses the extensive efforts involved in developing Lisa, the AI news anchor. Lisa leverages the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver news accurately and efficiently. This groundbreaking development in news delivery aims to revolutionize the industry while upholding fairness and transparency.

Lisa’s Role and Future Expansion

Lisa, the AI news anchor, currently presents news in Odia and English on OTV Network’s television and digital platforms. Efforts are underway to enhance Lisa’s proficiency in Odia. The introduction of Lisa reflects OTV’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions and revolutionizing news presentation and consumption. Lisa can be accessed on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.


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