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Nvidia Warns of Permanent Loss of Opportunities if US Restricts AI Chip Sales to China

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Nvidia Raises Concerns Over Potential US Restrictions on AI Chip Exports to China

Nvidia, a leading technology company, issued a warning about the potential consequences of imposing new restrictions on AI chip export to China by the United States.

Colette Kress, the chief financial officer of the company, shared her belief that imposing such limitations would lead to a “long-lasting deprivation of prospects” for the US industry. However, she mentioned that she didn’t expect an immediate effect.

US Plans to Tighten Export Curbs on AI Chips to China

Reports suggest that US officials are planning to tighten export regulations announced in October, specifically targeting the sale of certain artificial intelligence chips to China.

These measures aim to limit China’s access to key technologies that could bolster its military capabilities. The US Department of Commerce has not provided a comment on these reports.

Implications for Nvidia and Other Companies

The proposed rules could pose challenges for companies like Nvidia, which has experienced substantial growth in demand for its AI chips and briefly reached a market capitalization of $1 trillion in late May.

Nvidia’s CFO acknowledged the potential impact on future earnings if tighter export restrictions are implemented, potentially making it more difficult for the company to sell advanced chips to China.

Long-Term Effects on US Industry and Financial Results

Nvidia’s CFO emphasized the long-term implications of prohibiting the sale of datacenter graphics processing units (GPUs) to China. The implementation of such restrictions has the potential to result in enduring missed chances for the US industry to engage in competition within one of the largest global markets.

This, in turn, could impact Nvidia’s future business and financial results. However, immediate material impacts are not anticipated due to the current strong global demand for their products.

Biden Administration’s Export Controls and China’s Market Importance

Last October, the Biden administration introduced comprehensive export controls that restricted Chinese companies from purchasing advanced chips and chip-making equipment without a license.

Nvidia’s A800 chip was developed by the company in response to the previous restrictions, enabling continued sales to China. China represents a significant market for Nvidia, accounting for 22% of its revenue in the previous year.

Market Reactions and Analyst Perspectives

Following the news, Nvidia’s stock experienced a temporary decline, while Chinese AI stocks faced more substantial losses. Analysts highlighted the potential negative impact on China’s AI development, as local chipsets lack Nvidia’s GPU ecosystem, requiring reworking and resulting in lower efficiency and higher costs.

They also suggested that the US chip restrictions would be more effective in limiting China’s AI-driven military advancements than investment restrictions in China’s tech sector.


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