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Microsoft and Impact X Capital Partners Join Forces to Support Water Tech Projects

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Program for Water Tech Projects

Microsoft, Impact X Capital Partners, and Spring Innovation have collaborated to establish the Impact X Venture Studio initiative, aimed at supporting water tech projects led by Black and female founders. The selected startups will receive seed funding, cloud credits, and office access.

Driving Efficiency and Innovation in the Water Industry and Beyond

The Impact X Venture Studio focuses on underrepresented startups that have the potential to bring about efficiency, optimization, and innovation in the water industry and other sectors. Eric Collins, CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, emphasizes the broader impact these startups can have beyond the water sector.

Solving Water Challenges: Microsoft’s Water Tech Partnership

Microsoft’s partnership in the water tech space seeks to support companies working on solutions to enhance water quality, accelerate cost-effective measures, and reduce emissions. The collaboration aims to drive advancements in sustainable water management.

Open Applications for Water Tech Innovators

Impact X Capital Partners invites entrepreneurs with ideas to address water-related challenges to apply for the program. The initiative encourages participation from individuals who are passionate about solving critical water issues and making a positive impact in the field.

Spring Innovation

Spring Innovation, a private not-for-profit organization, was established to promote innovation in the water sectors of the UK and Ireland. Supported by all water and wastewater companies in both countries, it plays a crucial role in driving technological advancements and addressing water-related challenges.

Empowering Growth and Creating Impact

The Impact X Venture Studio not only provides financial support but also accelerates the growth trajectory of startups. By reducing the time required to achieve high growth, the program offers a unique opportunity for double bottom-line returns and meaningful impact in the water tech industry.


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