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Linda Dwoskin Takes Second Place in Biomedical Startup Contest

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Second Place in SmartHealth Catalyzer’s Best of the BioMidwest Competition

Linda Dwoskin, a prominent innovator at the University of Kentucky’s College of Pharmacy, achieved second place in the Best of the BioMidwest competition. This prestigious contest recognizes promising therapeutics discovered in universities and research hospitals. Dwoskin’s expertise in psychostimulant abuse treatment earned her this recognition.


Dwoskin’s startup, MUDRx Inc., focuses on developing therapeutic solutions for methamphetamine use disorder. Supported by grants from prestigious institutions, including the National Institute on Drug Abuse, MUDRx aims to commercialize a novel small molecule to treat this disease.

With no approved medicine for methamphetamine use disorder currently available, MUDRx fills a critical gap in the market.

An Impressive Mission: Commercializing Innovative Therapeutics

MUDRx’s goal is to provide an effective therapeutic solution for the 2.5 million Americans affected by methamphetamine use disorder. Founded by Dwoskin and Kip Guy, Dean of the UK College of Pharmacy, the company aims to bring novel therapeutics to market. By addressing this unmet need, MUDRx strives to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare inequities.

Dwoskin’s Success at the Best of the BioMidwest Competition

Dwoskin’s pitch at the Best of the BioMidwest competition impressed both the judges and the public audience. Her four-minute presentation showcased her passion, innovative solution, differentiation from competitors, market opportunity, and potential impact on healthcare access and outcomes.

Finishing in second place and attracting investment attention, Dwoskin’s achievement is a testament to her expertise and the potential of MUDRx.

OTC and SmartHealth Catalyzer: Driving Innovation and Collaboration

The University of Kentucky’s Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) and SmartHealth Catalyzer played integral roles in supporting Dwoskin and other researchers.

OTC provided invaluable assistance in honing pitch presentations and connecting innovators with industry leaders and investors. SmartHealth Catalyzer’s platform facilitates innovation and propels therapeutic discoveries toward commercialization, fostering collaboration among key stakeholders.

A Promising Future: UK’s Research Groups and Therapeutic Innovations

Dwoskin’s success at the competition was not the only achievement for the University of Kentucky. Luke H. Bradley and another research group from the UK College of Pharmacy also participated, showcasing their respective therapeutic innovations.

Although Bradley did not make the Top 10, his participation and positive feedback suggest potential future collaborations with SmartHealth. The University of Kentucky continues to foster groundbreaking research in the biomedical field.


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