MagicForm is a live chatbot that leverages AI technology to boost online sales for businesses.

Boost Sales Right Now

MagicForm is an AI-powered live chatbot designed to help businesses increase their online sales. Using the latest in natural language processing and GPT-4 technology, MagicForm provides an easy way to train AI agents to handle customer inquiries and convert more website visitors into buyers. It’s the world’s easiest-to-train AI, and it gets smarter with every conversation it has.

Getting started with MagicForm is fast and simple. In three easy steps, you can train your newest AI employee:

  1. Train your AI – Answer a few questions about what you’d like your chatbot to do, upload documents or webpages for the bot to scan, and let the machine learning intelligence take it from there.
  2. Paste code – Once your AI agent is trained, simply copy and paste one line of code into your website – no coding skills necessary!
  3. Watch it sell – Let MagicForm work its magic! As customers come to your site, they will be able to instantly interact with an AI offering personalized insights, recommendations, discounts and more – all tailored to drive sales faster than ever before.


  • Increase conversions by 20%-40%: MagicForm is designed from the ground up to turn website visitors into eager customers quickly and efficiently – leading to higher conversion rates for online businesses of all sizes.
  • Easy setup & training: With just a few clicks of a button, you can have your own artificial intelligence assistant ready for sales conversations in mere minutes – no coding experience required!
  • Get smarter: With every conversation that takes place between customers and the AI agent, MagicForm increases its understanding of how best to serve them – leading to better conversations as time goes on.


  • Expense: The cost of training a high-quality chatbot such as MagicForm can be significant depending on the features needed by businesses; however these costs are quickly recouped through increased sales efficiency when compared with traditional methods.
  • Limited functionality: While powerful in many respects, MagicForm does not yet offer features such as payment processing or integration with other back-end systems; however this should improve over time as new features are added regularly.

Final Thoughts

With careful implementation, businesses can see significant ROI on their investment in MagicForm with increased conversions 3 times higher than before implementation - making it an excellent tool for any business looking for an edge in online sales performance!

Increase conversions by 20%-40%


Easy setup & training




Limited functionality


  • +Increase conversions by 20%-40%
  • +Easy setup & training


  • -Expense
  • -Limited functionality
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