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Lakeshore Advantage Unveils $15.3M Next Center for Innovation and Startups

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The Next Center

Lakeshore Advantage Corp., the economic development organization serving Ottawa and Allegan counties, announces an ambitious plan for the “Next Center.” This $15.3 million development in downtown Holland will house a business incubator and serve as Lakeshore Advantage’s new headquarters.

Co-locating with the Startup Ecosystem

The Next Center aims to create a collaborative environment by bringing Lakeshore Advantage in close proximity to the startup community. This strategic move fosters collaboration, accelerates growth, and solidifies Holland’s position as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Boosting the Startup Ecosystem

Spanning three stories and covering 20,000 square feet, the Next Center will be a dynamic space dedicated to fostering innovation and supporting business growth. It will feature a multifunctional business incubator, community education space, and serve as Lakeshore Advantage’s headquarters.

Accelerating Startup Success

At the heart of the Next Center lies the business incubator, designed to nurture and support startups on their journey to success. With space for up to 50 tenants, it will provide resources, mentorship, and a collaborative atmosphere to help startups thrive.

Vision for Growth and Collaboration

Lakeshore Advantage has ambitious plans to expand its current 34-member startup incubator to accommodate over 50 startups. The Next Center will offer a variety of programming, learning opportunities, and avenues for collaboration among startups and established businesses, fostering an ecosystem of innovation.

Future Plans and Construction Timeline

Pending city approvals, construction on the Next Center is slated to commence in the fall. Holland-based EV Construction and Grand Rapids-based GMB Architecture + Engineering will lead the project’s construction and design, respectively.

The aim is to complete the Next Center by the end of 2024, solidifying its position as a key driver of economic growth and innovation in the region.


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