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Greek AI Startup DeepSea Revolutionizes Green Shipping Through Acquisition by Japanese Giant Nabtesco

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Greek AI Startup DeepSea Acquired by Japanese Automation Giant Nabtesco

In a groundbreaking move, Japanese automation leader Nabtesco has acquired the majority stake of Greek AI startup, DeepSea. The startup, with its core focus on decarbonizing shipping fleets, is set to make a significant global impact in green shipping. The partnership also establishes Greece as a frontrunner in the industry’s green transition.

DeepSea Retains Independence and Leadership in Athens

Despite the acquisition, DeepSea will continue to operate as a distinct entity, retaining its headquarters in Athens, Greece, and keeping its Greek co-founders in leadership positions. This unique arrangement allows for a seamless blend of expertise and resources to accelerate the development of AI-based applications and products for the maritime sector.

AI Advancements Extend Beyond Shipping

In addition to its primary focus on the shipping industry, DeepSea will also spearhead AI-focused research and development for Nabtesco’s other business sectors, such as wind turbines, rail and aviation automation, and industrial robotics. This expanded scope enhances the potential for cutting-edge innovations across various industries.

A World-First Collaboration

DeepSea’s President and co-founder, Roberto Coustas, sees the partnership as a world-first, combining the strengths of a Japanese corporation and a Greek company. The fusion of AI and automation technologies provides the companies with a competitive advantage as the industry continues to evolve.

Empowering Greek Leadership in Global Industrial Transformation

DeepSea’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, views the acquisition as a testament to the influential role Greek companies can play in the global industrial transformation driven by AI. Building on Greece’s traditional leadership in shipping, this partnership solidifies the country’s position as a hub for technological advancements.

Environmental Impact and the 10 Percent Initiative

Nabtesco’s initial investment in DeepSea led to the representation of the startup’s solutions in vessel condition monitoring and voyage optimization in Asian markets. The acquisition will further drive the development and sales of DeepSea’s existing solutions, promoting digital transformation in the maritime industry.


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