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Fast AI is a platform that democratizes deep learning and makes it accessible to a wider audience.

A Unique Approach to Learning AI

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become essential tools to solve complex problems that affect various aspects of our lives.

However, the intricacies and complexities within these fields can often prove to be a barrier for aspiring AI enthusiasts. Enter Fast AI, a non-profit research group on a mission to empower individuals through its educational platform, courses, and open-source library. With its unique approach and user-friendly resources, Fast AI is changing the game for anyone who wants to break into this exciting world.

In this article, we delve deeper into the expert knowledge, benefits, drawbacks, and impact of Fast AI in shaping the future of AI education.

Practical Deep Learning for Coder’s

At its core, Fast AI aims to democratize deep learning and make the technology accessible to a wider audience. Through its massive open online course (MOOC) dubbed “Practical Deep Learning for Coders,” Fast AI ensures that expertise in AI is available to anyone with fundamental knowledge of Python programming language. The course, designed by Fast AI founders Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas, focuses on hands-on learning and practical applications. Tackling everything from computer vision to natural language processing, the MOOC simplifies complex concepts for students, making it an indispensable educational platform for anyone interested in deep learning and AI.

Benefits: Fast AI Library and Support from Google Cloud

One of Fast AI’s most significant contributions to the educational platform is the fastai library, built on top of the highly popular PyTorch framework. Launched in 2018, fastai v1.0 is a free, open-source deep learning library aimed at simplifying the process of training models for those new to these concepts. Engineers and researchers from Google Cloud were the first to announce their support for Fast AI’s fastai library, signaling the potential for broader industry adoption.

Moreover, Fast AI’s educational platform is highly accessible due to its free and open-source nature. Through their MOOC and the fastai library, users save on costs usually associated with highly specialized AI education, creating a more inclusive environment for AI aspirants of all backgrounds.

Drawbacks: Time Commitment and Evolving Landscape

While Fast AI’s courses are well-structured and designed for people with just Python programming knowledge, potential learners must be aware of the time commitment that comes with a comprehensive deep learning education. One must be dedicated, motivated, and persistent to acquire expertise in this field. Moreover, with the constant evolution of AI, keeping up with the latest tools and frameworks can be an ongoing challenge.

Final Thoughts

Fast AI has undoubtedly emerged as a game-changing educational platform in the world of deep learning and artificial intelligence. By providing expert knowledge, free online courses, and open-source resources, Fast AI pushes to democratize deep learning, breaking barriers for aspiring AI enthusiasts from various backgrounds. However, it is crucial to keep in mind the time commitment and dynamic nature of AI while embarking on this educational journey. All in all, Fast AI's education platform gives people the tools they need to thrive in a technological world, reshaping AI education and ensuring that knowledge becomes accessible to everyone.

Fast AI Library


Support from Google Cloud


Time Commitment


Evolving Landscape


  • +Fast AI Library
  • +Support from Google Cloud


  • -Time Commitment
  • -Evolving Landscape
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