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Exponent Energy Accelerates Green Mobility Expansion to Three-Wheeled Vehicles and Buses

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Pioneering the Future of Charging Solutions

Exponent Energy, the trailblazing Indian rapid charging startup, is poised to redefine the landscape of electric mobility. The company is currently engaged in discussions with potential investors to secure funds for a strategic expansion into three-wheeled passenger vehicles and buses. Renowned for its remarkable electric vehicle batteries, which can achieve a full charge in a mere 15 minutes using their innovative rapid charger, Exponent Energy has set its sights on concluding this funding endeavor by the close of 2023.

Powering Transformation through Strategic Investment

While the precise magnitude of the upcoming investment remains undisclosed, Exponent Energy is steadfast in its determination to surpass last year’s funding achievement of $13 million, an accomplishment that included support from prominent investors such as the venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners. This funding infusion stands as a resolute pillar in bolstering India’s comprehensive efforts to electrify its road transport domain, encompassing a diverse array of vehicles including buses, commercial vehicles, cars, and scooters. The overarching mission is to curtail pollution and substantially reduce fuel imports.

Electric Evolution in Action

Exponent Energy’s compelling success narrative is predicated on its dual role as both a manufacturer of cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries and the operator of an expansive network of fast chargers. Collaborating with the cargo enterprise, Altigreen, the company has already seen its EV batteries deployed across more than 200 three-wheeled cargo vehicles. Remarkably, Exponent Energy holds an impressive order book for an additional 400 cargo vehicles and 30 buses. With an unwavering vision, the company aspires to empower a total of 25,000 vehicles by the conclusion of 2025, a feat that is projected to drive its revenue to approximately Rs. 6 billion.

Redefining Affordability with Rapid Charging

Central to Exponent Energy’s transformative impact is its breakthrough rapid charging technology. By enabling vehicles to utilize smaller batteries, this innovation significantly reduces costs, rendering electric vehicles more accessible and economical. Furthermore, the expedited charging duration enhances the overall efficiency of the charging infrastructure. Notably, Altigreen’s three-wheelers showcase an impressive range of 70 to 95km on a solitary battery charge, a testament to the game-changing potential of Exponent Energy’s technology.

Innovating for Safety and Performance

Exponent Energy’s pioneering spirit is not confined solely to rapid charging prowess. The incorporation of water-based cooling technology represents a novel approach to safeguarding batteries during the charging process. This innovative solution effectively prevents battery overheating, leading to heightened safety standards and optimized battery performance. Such fusion of inventive engineering and sustainability places Exponent Energy at the forefront of India’s transition to electric mobility.

A Green Mobility Future Unveiled

With the strategic expansion of its energy services to encompass three-wheeled vehicles and buses, Exponent Energy takes a monumental stride towards fulfilling India’s aspirations for sustainable transportation. As the company champions more affordable and ecologically-friendly mobility solutions, the vision of a future dominated by electric vehicles inches closer to reality. Exponent Energy’s commitment to India’s sustainable transportation objectives infuses fresh momentum into the country’s electric mobility journey, setting the stage for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.


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