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Rolla’s €6.3M Investment Boosts Innovative Approach to Health and Fitness

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Addressing a Global Health Challenge

Obesity Rates Inspire Innovative Solutions With obesity affecting 13% of the world’s population, traditional health and fitness solutions fall short by focusing on data without a holistic approach. Enter Rolla, a European fitness tech startup, offering a new perspective.

Record-Breaking Funding

Rolla secures a monumental €6.3 million in seed funding, marking a record achievement in both Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s tech landscape. Led by Mate Rimac and Hellen’s Rock, the investment paves the way for Rolla’s groundbreaking journey.

Pioneering the Health Revolution

Rolla’s visionary approach gains momentum. The focus is on creating a comprehensive gamified fitness platform, bolstered by the Rolla One app’s adaptive features. This milestone accelerates the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle for a broader audience.

Expansion and Innovation

Strategic Plans for Growth and Impact. Buoyed by the recent funding, Rolla charts an ambitious course. The priority is expanding the customer base and bolstering product and commercial teams. The move includes establishing development hubs and a commercial center, heralding Rolla’s entry into Western Europe.

Gamification Redefined

Unveiling the Core of Rolla’s Approach. Rolla introduces a groundbreaking gamification system that transcends typical health apps. The Levels and Effort dynamics create an engaging feedback loop, encouraging both short-term achievements and long-term progress. Igor Krezic, Rolla’s founder, underscores the innovation’s significance.

Empowering Health and Lives

Rolla’s Origin Story and Vision. Founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019 by Igor Krezic, Rolla’s roots lie in personal resilience amid challenges. This history fuels the drive to empower individuals to reclaim control of their health. Rolla stands out by prioritizing accessibility, integration, and user inclusivity, creating a seamless path from novice to advanced fitness levels. The ingenious gamified journey is further enhanced by Rolla’s immersive virtual world, cementing its position as a revolutionary force in the fitness tech realm.


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