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DNSFilter is a cloud-based filtering DNS platform that uses AI to offer robust security and content filtering

Secure Browsing Made Simple

DNSFilter is an innovative cloud-based filtering DNS platform that brings intelligence to the web content filtering process. It offers companies, service providers, and educational institutions a comprehensive solution for protecting their users from online security threats and inappropriate content.

With DNS protection, companies can ensure that their users have the safest and most secure browsing experience possible.


  • Filtering DNS platform with integrated artificial intelligence capabilities to provide more robust security and content filtering.
  • Comprehensive security threat protection that shields users from malicious websites, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other online threats.
  • Proactive monitoring of traffic originating from both known malicious websites as well as sites that may be used for malicious purposes in the future.
  • Flexible tools to customize web content filtering policies according to organizational needs and preferences.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with simple configuration options for quick setup and deployment of DNS protection.
  • Real-time visibility into user activity to help organizations quickly identify and address potential security issues or policy violations.


  • Requires significant technical expertise to set up properly and maintain ongoing operations of the service.
  • Limited support for third-party applications such as email clients or cloud storage services which may not be compatible with the platform’s features or services offered.
  • Certain websites may unintentionally be blocked due to false positives in the filtering process which can limit access for legitimate users.

Final Thoughts

DNSFilter provides a powerful solution for organizations looking to enhance their web security posture by leveraging advanced AI technologies coupled with robust DNS protection protocols. By helping protect organizations from malicious actors while at the same time allowing them to regulate user activity online, DNSFilter is a must-have tool for organizations striving to provide high levels of digital safety and compliance in today's ever-changing digital landscape.

Filtering DNS


Comprehensive security threat protection


Proactive monitoring of traffic


Easy-to-use dashboard


Real-time visibility into user activity


Requires significant technical expertise to set up


Limited support for third-party applications


Certain websites may unintentionally be blocked


  • +Filtering DNS
  • +Comprehensive security threat protection
  • +Proactive monitoring of traffic
  • +Flexible tools
  • +Easy-to-use dashboard
  • +Real-time visibility into user activity


  • -Requires significant technical expertise to set up
  • -Limited support for third-party applications
  • -Certain websites may unintentionally be blocked
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