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Cleanup.pictures is an image object remover that uses AI technology to remove unwanted objects from images, trusted by various industries. It’s fast, versatile, and accessible on mobile and desktop.

Cleanup.pictures – The AI-Powered Image Object Remover

In today’s world, where everything is digitized, images carry significant meaning in different industries. But, often images come with unwanted objects, people, text, and defects that ruin their appearance. This is where Cleanup.pictures comes in, an AI-powered image editing tool designed to remove object from images.

Trusted by Photographers, Agencies, and Businesses

Cleanup.pictures is an expert in the field of image editing, using advanced AI technology to improve the quality of images. It is trusted by many professionals, including photographers, creative agencies, real estate agents, and e-commerce businesses. Using the technology of machine learning algorithms, it can detect and remove unwanted objects from any image with precision and accuracy.

Versatile Image Editing Tool

Cleanup.pictures has proven its mettle in many industries, including photography, creative design, real estate, and e-commerce. Since its inception, it has helped many professionals and businesses to enhance their portfolios and market their products in a better way. The tool has been used to remove tourists from vacation photos, clean up properties for sale, and enhance product pictures for social media.


Cleanup.pictures offers several benefits for professionals and businesses. These include:

  • Fast and easy editing: The tool helps in retouching images in seconds, without compromising on the quality of the image
  • Versatile use cases: The tool caters to several industries including photography, creative design, real estate, and e-commerce
  • AI-powered: The tool delivers better results than traditional clone tools, making it a popular choice among professionals
  • Flexible options: Cleanup.pictures has both free and pro versions. The pro version offers unlimited image size processing, making it suitable for bigger projects
  • Mobile and desktop accessibility: The tool is accessible via iOS, Android, and API for various environments, making it easy for professionals to edit images on-the-go


While the advantages of the tool are numerous, there are some drawbacks that are worth considering before using Cleanup.pictures. These include:

  • Limited to object removal: While the tool does an excellent job of removing unwanted objects, it is limited only to this feature. It may not be able to perform other advanced image editing tasks
  • Not suitable for complex images: Cleanup.pictures may not perform well on complex images, where the removal of objects can affect the overall composition of the image

Final Thoughts

Cleanup.pictures is a popular choice for professionals and businesses that require an image object remover tool. With its AI-powered technology, it provides fast and accurate results, making it a top choice for image editing. Its versatility, flexibility and user-friendly interface make it ideal for different industries, and its ability to edit images on mobile devices adds to its efficiency. While there are some drawbacks, the benefits of Cleanup.pictures far outweigh them, making it a valuable addition to any professional's toolkit.

Fast and easy editing


Versatile use cases




Flexible options


Mobile and desktop accessibility


Limited to object removal


Not suitable for complex images


  • +Fast and easy editing
  • +Versatile use cases
  • +AI-powered
  • +Flexible options
  • +Mobile and desktop accessibility


  • -Limited to object removal
  • -Not suitable for complex images
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