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Startup News CEO Shares Insights from Silicon Valley Acceleration Program in Kazakhstan Tech Meetup

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Astana Hub Hosts Meetup with CEO, Seilbek Myktybekov, Revealing Silicon Valley Acceleration Program Experience

Astana Hub, a prominent tech hub in Kazakhstan, recently organized a meetup on July 11 featuring Seilbek Myktybekov, the CEO of Myktybekov shared his firsthand experience as a participant in Silicon Valley’s renowned Hero Training acceleration program, a collaborative effort by Draper University and Astana Hub.

Exploring the Opportunities for Startups in the United States

During the meetup, Myktybekov shed light on the diverse range of opportunities available for startups in the United States. He highlighted key advantages such as global market expansion, access to funding, and the establishment of valuable business networks. These factors contribute to the growth and success of startups seeking to leverage the American market.

Harnessing AI for Face Recognition and Smart City Solutions, the Kazakhstani startup led by Myktybekov, specializes in developing artificial intelligence-based face recognition and search technologies sourced from open platforms and video cameras. Their primary objective is to provide civil (Smart City) and corporate security solutions powered by innovative AI technology. Selected for the Hero Training Acceleration Program earned a spot in the first batch of the Hero Training acceleration program, which includes 15 startups. The program, organized by Draper University and Astana Hub, encompasses a comprehensive journey for participants. It consists of a two-week online pre-acceleration phase, followed by a five-week Hero Training experience at the Draper University campus. Lastly, a 20-week Residency Program further nurtures and supports the growth of the participating startups.

Prior Acceleration Program Experience and Valuable Lessons

Myktybekov shared insights from’s previous participation in acceleration programs, including Plug and Play and the Silk Way accelerator, organized by Astana Hub and Google for Startups (GfS). He highlighted the transformative impact of these programs, emphasizing the value of continuously learning and adapting to the evolving market dynamics. Myktybekov encouraged startups to seize such opportunities, even if immediate investments may not be secured, as the experience gained can be invaluable for future andeavors.

Navigating the US Market and Global Expansion Strategie

According to Myktybekov, the U.S. market presents unique characteristics, including its vast size, intense competition, and diverse business landscape. For startups aiming to expand globally, he recommended acquiring relevant qualifications and certifications. Understanding that international markets operate under their own distinct guidelines, it is crucial to adhere to these regulations and continuously refine business strategies to succeed on a global scale.


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