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Aviant Secures €1 Million Funding for Drone Delivery Expansion

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Aviant’s Milestone: €1 Million Public Funding Boost

Trondheim-based startup Aviant achieves a significant milestone by securing a €1 million public funding injection from Innovation Norway. This funding serves as a testament to Aviant’s potential and propels its plans for expansion in the drone logistics sector.

Aviant’s Journey: From MIT Origins to Market Success

Born out of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aviant was founded in 2020 by Lars Erik Fagernæs, Herman Øie Kolden, and Bernhard Paus Græsdal. Their innovative approach to healthcare logistics during the pandemic gained recognition and paved the way for their subsequent success.

Beyond Healthcare: Aviant’s Impact Across Industries

Aviant’s influence extends beyond the healthcare sector, where it initially made waves. Its drones played a crucial role in transporting COVID-19 samples and medical equipment. Now, Aviant’s expertise is sought after by various industries, solidifying its position as a leading player in the European drone market.

Kyte: Aviant’s Flagship Service Revolutionizing Home Delivery

Aviant’s focus on revolutionizing home delivery operations led to the development of Kyte, its flagship service. Kyte combines advanced drone technology with optimized logistics processes to expedite deliveries, enhance customer experiences, and reshape the delivery landscape with newfound efficiency.

Expanding Market Presence: Aviant’s Ambitious European Plans

Buoyed by the recent public funding boost and previous investments, Aviant is poised to expand its market presence across Europe. The company sets its sights on penetrating new markets, forging strategic partnerships, and solidifying its position as a dominant force in the rapidly growing drone delivery sector.

Aviant’s Vision: Pioneering Drone Delivery Services

Aviant’s remarkable achievements, successful funding round, and unwavering commitment to innovation position the startup as a true pioneer in the drone delivery industry. With a vision for the future of logistics, Aviant is poised to shape the way goods are transported, revolutionizing delivery services and unlocking new possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.


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