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Apple’s New Privacy Measures: Developers Required to Explain API Use or Face Rejection

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Apple’s Ongoing Efforts to Protect User Privacy

In an effort to bolster user privacy and combat fingerprinting, tech giant Apple has unveiled a new requirement for developers submitting their apps to the App Store. Developers will now be obligated to provide detailed explanations for their app’s use of certain APIs. This move is part of Apple’s continuous dedication to enhancing user privacy and ensuring that apps comply with the company’s strict guidelines.

The Introduction of “Required Reason APIs”

Apple has classified approximately 30 APIs as “required reason APIs,” and developers must now articulate the specific purposes of these APIs in their app submissions. The aim is to prevent the misuse of APIs that can potentially collect sensitive data about users’ devices through fingerprinting. By doing so, Apple intends to ensure that these APIs are only utilized for their intended purposes.

The Implementation Timeline

Starting with the release of iOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma, developers will receive notifications about the need to submit an explanation for their use of required reason APIs. Apple has set a deadline for compliance: by the spring of 2024, apps using these APIs without a valid reason will face rejection.

Developer Concerns and Recourse

While Apple’s initiative aims to safeguard user privacy, some developers have expressed concerns about potential increases in app rejection rates. One area of concern is the popular UserDefaults API, commonly used for storing user preferences, which falls under the category of required reason APIs. Developers fear that apps may be rejected due to oversight in providing an explanation for using this basic functionality of face rejection.

Positive Reception from Privacy Advocates

Privacy advocates have generally welcomed Apple’s move, viewing it as a significant step towards curbing intrusive tracking and protecting user data. By requiring developers to provide explicit reasons for using certain APIs, the new measures aim to minimize potential privacy violations.

Adapting to Stricter Review Processes

As Apple remains committed to safeguarding user privacy, developers need to adapt to the increasingly stringent review process. To avoid unnecessary app rejections, meticulous explanations for using specific APIs are now crucial. While the intention is to protect user data, developers must also avoid resorting to generic justifications for utilizing APIs like UserDefaults. This new requirement marks Apple’s continued efforts to prioritize user privacy and data protection.


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