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AI Reveals Alarming Number of Abusive Social Media Posts During 2022 World Cup

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FIFA Report Uncovers 20,000 Abusive Social Media Posts

A report released by FIFA reveals that nearly 20,000 abusive social media posts were directed at players, officials, and coaches during the Qatar World Cup, detected using AI-powered monitoring software.

Identification of Account Owners Behind Abusive Messages

The AI system analyzed 20 million social media articles and comments across major social media platforms, successfully identifying 306 account owners responsible for sending abusive messages, prompting FIFA to collaborate with law enforcement to take appropriate action.

Social Media Protection Service for Player Safety

FIFA’s social media protection service (SMPS) not only monitors and hides abusive content but will also be available for teams, players, and coaches during the Women’s World Cup, starting on July 20, to ensure their safety online.

AI-Flagged Posts and Review Process

The software flagged 434,000 social media posts from national teams, former players, and media members, which were subsequently reviewed by human moderators. Abusive messages originated from 12,600 different accounts, and 287,000 harmful comments were hidden before reaching the intended recipients.

Geographic Distribution and Types of Abuse

Europe accounted for 38% of abusive messages, followed by South America (36%), Asia (10%), Africa (8%), and North/Central America (8%). The abusive content encompassed sexism (13.7%), homophobia (12.16%), and racism (10.7%).

Impact on Players and High-Profile Matches

The report highlights the emotional toll of online abuse on players, emphasizing the need to address the issue. Matches such as England versus France generated a significant spike in abusive messages, with England receiving the second-highest number of abusive social media posts overall, behind France and ahead of Brazil.


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