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Agenz Secures $1.3 Million Investment to Revolutionize Morocco’s Real Estate Market

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Agenz Raises $1.3 Million in Pre-Series A Funding

Moroccan startup Agenz, specializing in digital real estate evaluation, has successfully raised $1.3 million in a pre-Series A funding round. The investment will fuel the growth of this proptech startup and drive transformative changes in the country’s real estate market by streamlining property transactions for all parties involved.

Prominent Investors Show Confidence in Agenz

The funding round saw participation from notable investors such as Azur Innovation Fund, Maroc Numeric Fund II, and Beenok, a foreign investment fund. Agenz expressed gratitude for the substantial investment, emphasizing that it reflects investors’ confidence in the company’s vision and its potential to revolutionize the real estate market.

Agenz’s Pioneering Role in Morocco’s Online Property Valuation

Founded in 2021 by Malik and Badr Belkeziz, Agenz stands as the first online property valuation platform in Morocco. As a trailblazing startup in this vertical, Agenz garnered support from investors who recognized its pioneering status.

The incorporation of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) further positioned the startup as a disruptor in the market.

Impressive Expertise and Collaborations Attract Investor Interest

The Belkeziz brothers’ extensive experience in real estate and technology significantly contributed to attracting investor interest.

Their proven track record, along with numerous partnerships with nearly 1,000 real estate developers, underscored their expertise in the field. Collaborations with major Moroccan banks also enhanced the startup’s credibility, bolstering its reliability.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Platform by Agenz

In addition to technology-driven property estimation services, Agenz’s platform offers property listings and a real estate credit facility. The startup’s existing collaborations with prominent Moroccan banks further enhance its appeal and reliability.

This comprehensive approach aims to provide future property owners with a seamless experience from evaluation to financing.

Agenz’s Vision for Rapid Real Estate Transactions

CEO and co-founder Malik Belkeziz shared Agenz’s vision for the future following the recent investment. The startup aims to expedite real estate transactions, with a goal to enable individuals to buy or sell a property, including financing, within a maximum of 10 days by 2024.

This ambitious objective highlights Agenz’s commitment to revolutionizing the real estate market in Morocco.


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