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Reddit Blackout: Subreddits Protest Controversial Charges in Major Online Protest

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Thousands of Subreddits Go Private in Protest Against Reddit’s App Charges

In a bold demonstration, moderators of numerous Reddit communities will make their subreddits inaccessible for 48 hours to protest against the introduction of charges for third-party app developers.

Community Moderation and Reddit’s Unique Model

Reddit relies on unpaid moderators to maintain the functionality of the platform, making it distinct from other social media sites. However, the lack of hosting fees for creating communities has led to the need for sustainable business practices.

Blackout Impact: Inaccessible Subreddits and Popular Communities

Approximately 3,500 subreddits, including popular ones such as r/gaming, r/aww, r/Music, r/todayilearned, and r/pics, will be inaccessible during the blackout. The protest aims to emphasize the strength in numbers and demonstrate the reliance on moderators for site operation.

Reddit’s API Charges and Third-Party App Shutdowns

Third-party apps like Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Sync, and ReddPlanet will shut down due to Reddit’s new API charges. Developers criticize the pricing as excessive, while Reddit claims fair compensation is necessary to support third-party apps and cover hosting costs.

Reddit’s Response and Potential Extension of the Blackout

Reddit’s CEO acknowledges the protest and highlights the need for an open and accessible platform. However, the blackout may continue or subreddits may restrict posting until Reddit reevaluates its changes, as moderators believe the current communication does not indicate a reversal.

Indefinite Inaccessibility: Communities Demand Policy Reversal

Communities like r/Music, with 32 million members, have announced indefinite inaccessibility until Reddit reverses its policy, reflecting the deep dissatisfaction among moderators and users over the controversial changes.


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