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Pixelicious is an online image to pixel art converter for creating retro-style pixel art. It offers easy conversion, efficient transformation, high-quality visuals, and accessibility.

Pixelicious: Effortlessly Transform Images into Pixel Art

Pixel art has been around for decades and is still an incredibly popular art form today. But creating pixel art from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging for those without experience. That’s where Pixelicious comes in – an online image to pixel art converter designed to make the process easy and efficient.

Game-Ready Pixel Art: Expertly Crafted

Pixelicious was developed by a team of experts in game development and graphic design. They understand the importance of pixel art in the gaming industry and the demand for high-quality, retro-style visuals. Plus, Pixelicious is part of the Scenario platform, which is specifically designed to support game developers.

Effortless Retro Art: Instant Pixel Transformation

With Pixelicious, converting images into pixel art is a breeze. Just upload an image and select the desired level of pixelation. The automatic transformation turns your images into retro-style masterpieces – no manual editing required. Plus, the generated pixel art is downloadable, making it perfect for use in game development.


Pixelicious has many benefits:

  • Easy conversion: No prior experience in pixel art is necessary
  • Efficient transformation: Saves time by automatically converting images into pixel art
  • High-quality visuals: Retro-style pixel art adds a unique and nostalgic look to games and art projects
  • Useful tool for game development: Developers can create custom pixel art for their projects without having to hire a graphic designer
  • Accessible to all: Anyone can join in on the fun of creating pixel art without having to invest in expensive software or equipment


While Pixelicious is an excellent tool for creating pixel art, there are a few downsides to consider:

  • Limited customization: Users cannot manually edit the pixel art generated by Pixelicious
  • Pixel art can feel limiting: Some artists may find the limitations of pixel art frustrating, especially when compared to other forms of digital art

Final Thoughts

Pixelicious is an excellent choice for those looking to create retro-style pixel art without the hassle of manual editing. With a user-friendly platform, transforming images into pixel art has never been easier. While there are limitations to consider, Pixelicious is a valuable tool for game developers, artists, and enthusiasts alike.

Easy conversion


Efficient transformation


High-quality visuals


Useful tool for game development


Accessible to all


Limited customization


Pixel art can feel limiting


  • +Easy conversion
  • +Efficient transformation
  • +High-quality visuals
  • +Useful tool for game development
  • +Accessible to all


  • -Limited customization
  • -Pixel art can feel limiting
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