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From Rare Sneakers to Nationwide Slices: Civerinos’ Pizza Journey

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The Pizza Dream Ignites

In a remarkable turn of events, Michele Civiera, a former sneaker collector, decided to part ways with his beloved rare sneaker collection to pursue a culinary dream. In 2014, he laid the foundation for Civerinos, a New York-style pizza business in Edinburgh. To fund his passion, he sold 10 pairs of sought-after sneakers, including iconic Nike SB dunks and original Air Jordans, raising £10,000 to kickstart his enterprise.

A Decades-Long Sneaker Collection

Mr. Civiera’s love for sneakers began in 1989, and over the years, he meticulously built an impressive collection while working as a waiter and pizza chef in various places worldwide. However, as the desire to embark on a new life chapter blossomed, he knew he had to bid farewell to his cherished sneakers and invest fully in his pizza venture.

Sacrifices for a Slice of Success

Starting a business isn’t without its challenges, and Mr. Civiera knew it too well. To secure the necessary funds, he didn’t stop at selling his sneaker trove but also parted ways with his car. With the proceeds, he invested in essential equipment like a pizza oven, dough mixer, and furniture, bringing Civerinos to life.

Expansion Plans Take Shape

Driven by passion and an unwavering commitment to his craft, Mr. Civiera successfully established four thriving pizza sites in Edinburgh. With a new £500,000 investment, he sets his sights on opening a new venue in Glasgow in September, propelling his pizza empire further.

The Food Truck Venture

Looking beyond traditional venues, Civerinos aims to take its delectable slices on the road through “pop-up” food truck locations across the UK. Mr. Civiera believes this approach will create demand, as more people get the chance to savor their signature pizza.

A Vision of a National Brand

As the pizza business gears up for a bright future, Mr. Civiera envisions Civerinos becoming a national brand within a few years. His ambitious plan includes expanding to almost every student town and city across the UK, serving slices of authentic New York-style pizza and leaving a trail of satisfied customers along the way. With nearly 200 employees and an anticipated £10m turnover next year, Civerinos’ transformation from a sneaker-filled dream to a nationwide sensation is well underway.


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