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Disposable Vapes: Urgent Calls for a Complete Ban by 2024

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Environmental and Safety Concerns

Local councils in England and Wales are advocating for a total ban on disposable vapes by 2024, citing several compelling reasons. According to the Local Government Association, these devices contribute to litter problems, pose a fire hazard, and strongly appeal to children. With an estimated 1.3 million disposable vapes discarded each week, urgent action is needed to address this issue.

Surging Popularity and Key Players

Disposable vapes, particularly those from Chinese brands like Elfbar and Lost Mary, have witnessed a significant surge in popularity. These single-use devices offer a few hundred puffs of nicotine-containing vapor, often with added fruit or sweet flavors, and come in bright plastic packaging that is discarded after use. Compared to traditional vapes or e-cigarettes that require refilling, disposable vapes are more convenient and user-friendly.

Fire Hazard Warning

The Local Government Association warns that disposable vapes contain small lithium batteries, which can pose a fire risk when crushed. This has led to fires in waste collection vehicles, creating a hazardous situation. To prevent such incidents, the councils emphasize the need for an outright ban on disposable vapes, given their inherent design flaws and unsustainability.

Alarming Sales Figures and Environmental Impact

Research firm NielsenIQ reveals that nearly 300 million e-cigarettes, including disposable varieties, were sold in the UK over the past year. Elfbar and Lost Mary, both manufactured by Shenzhen Imiracle Technology Co, accounted for over half of these sales, marking a more than fourfold increase compared to the previous year. The sheer scale of sales underlines the urgent need for action to mitigate the environmental impact caused by the disposal of these devices.

Balancing Public Health and Environmental Concerns

While councils acknowledge the potential of vapes to help smokers quit and recognize their harm reduction compared to tobacco, they argue that disposable vapes present unique challenges. The UK Vaping Industry Association asserts that these devices aid smoking cessation efforts and can be recycled. However, councils remain unconvinced, urging for a ban and raising concerns about the lack of proper disposal methods and the appealing nature of disposable vapes to underage users.

Diverging Perspectives and Future Actions

The anti-smoking charity ASH expresses reservations about an outright ban, citing potential risks of boosting illegal sales and easier access for minors. ASH proposes higher taxes on disposables and stricter controls on import and sales instead. The government shares concerns regarding vaping, especially among young people, and has initiated a consultation to examine the environmental and health impacts of vaping. The government encourages responsible disposal practices and is exploring responses to address the issue. In Scotland, the Minister for Circular Economy has also recognized the problems posed by single-use vapes and promises to announce new plans in the coming months.


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