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Revolutionary Startup Aims to Transform Family Creation with Lab-Grown Human Eggs

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Conception’s Mission to Revolutionize Human Reproduction

Conception, a biotech startup in Berkeley, California, is on a mission to revolutionize human reproduction. Co-founders Matt Krisiloff, Pablo Hurtado, and Bianka Seres are working on advancing in vitro gametogenesis (IVG), a field of biomedical research that aims to turn induced pluripotent stem cells into human eggs. Their goal is to offer new options for individuals who face challenges in conceiving.

The Potential of IVG for Assisted Reproduction

IVG holds great promise for various individuals and couples struggling with infertility. It can benefit women who have lost their eggs due to cancer treatment, those unable to produce healthy eggs, and women whose eggs are no longer viable due to age. By creating lab-grown eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells, IVG opens up possibilities for genetically related children regardless of age or egg availability.

Enabling Same-Sex Couples and LGBTQ+ Individuals to Have Biological Children

Conception’s technology has the potential to revolutionize family creation for same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ individuals. IVG could allow same-sex couples to have biological children by combining eggs and sperm from both partners. Transgender couples could also use IVG to have biologically related children. The ability to share a life that is genetically half each partner’s is a deeply personal and meaningful aspect for these individuals.

Conception’s Breakthrough in Follicle Development

Conception’s team has made significant progress in the development of IVG technology. They have successfully created structures called follicles, which play a crucial role in maturing eggs. By nurturing primordial germ cells into immature human eggs within mini-ovaries, the team has achieved a milestone that surpasses the accomplishments of other labs worldwide. The company’s promising results have attracted significant funding and a growing team of researchers.

Validation and Ethical Concerns

While Conception has yet to publish its results in a scientific journal, independent scientists have expressed both skepticism and belief in the company’s claims. Validation from the scientific community through peer-reviewed publications is crucial to ensure the credibility and safety of IVG. The rapid development of IVG technology also raises ethical concerns, including potential misuse and the creation of “designer babies.” Balancing the benefits and potential risks is a significant challenge that requires careful regulation and public discussion.

Looking Ahead and Embracing the Potential

Conception and other IVG-focused companies are poised to transform assisted reproduction. While concerns over safety, regulation, and ethical considerations persist, the potential benefits for millions of individuals and couples struggling with infertility are undeniable. Responsible advancement of IVG technology, coupled with appropriate regulation and oversight, can pave the way for new possibilities in family creation and enable people from all walks of life to experience the joy of having children and building families.


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