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Avnos: A Stealthy L.A. Carbon Capture Startup Secures $80 Million Investme

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Introducing Avnos and Its Dual-Purpose Carbon Capture Technology

Avnos, a Los Angeles Carbon Capture Startup, has recently emerged from stealth mode, unveiling its groundbreaking technology that tackles two environmental crises simultaneously. The company’s proprietary system, called hybrid direct air capture (HDAC), not only extracts carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere but also generates clean water as a valuable byproduct. With financial commitments exceeding $80 million, Avnos has garnered support from industry giants including ConocoPhillips and Shell Ventures, as well as JetBlue Ventures.

The Innovative HDAC System and Pilot Operations

Avnos plans to commence commercial operations by 2025, utilizing modular HDAC units, each roughly the size of a 20-foot shipping container. These modules filter ambient air, condense water (similar to dehumidifiers), and store it while directing the captured CO2 into tanks. According to CEO Will Kain, the system has a remarkable 5-to-1 ratio of water production to captured CO2. A pilot version of the HDAC system will launch later this year in Bakersfield, California, with a focus on removing 30 tons of CO2 annually and generating 150 tons of water.

Monetizing Water Production and Synthetic Fuel Potential

Apart from capturing CO2, Avnos the Carbon Capture Startup expects the water it produces to generate additional revenue. Moreover, the captured CO2 could be utilized by ConocoPhillips and Shell to produce synthetic fuels. The company’s industrial backers’ funding includes upfront investments and multi-year deployment plans, underlining the long-term commitment to Avnos’ technology. The potential for revenue generation and sustainable fuel alternatives further aligns with Avnos’ mission to facilitate an orderly energy transition and reduce carbon emissions.

Addressing the Urgency of Climate Change and Carbon Removal

Avnos operates within a growing sector of startups focused on direct carbon removal, aiming to combat the escalating effects of climate change. This approach involves not only transitioning to renewable energy sources but also actively reducing the substantial amounts of human-generated CO2 present in the atmosphere and oceans. Other companies in this space, such as Climeworks, Charm Industrial, and Equatic, provide distinct approaches to carbon removal, emphasizing the importance of accurate CO2 measurement to avoid concerns over “greenwashing.”

Differentiation Through Water Positivity and Regional Opportunities

Avnos positions itself as a leader in engineered carbon removal solutions, emphasizing the ability to measure the exact volume of air and CO2 processed by their system. The company believes its differentiator lies in its commitment to water positivity, providing a tool to combat drought in various jurisdictions. Avnos anticipates that regions with renewable energy potential, such as California, Arizona, and the Chilean desert, will particularly benefit from its water production capabilities, creating additional value and strengthening their competitive edge.

A Promising Future for Avnos and Expansion Plans

Avnos has secured significant investments to support its development and deployment of HDAC technology. With a pilot facility in Bakersfield set to remove 30 tons of CO2 annually, Avnos plans to scale up operations with a commercial-scale module in 2024, capable of removing 300 tons of CO2 and generating 1,500 tons of water. The company envisions stacking multiple modules to significantly increase capacity, aiming to power them with large-scale solar or wind installations. Avnos’ vision and partnerships hold promise for addressing the urgent need for sustainable solutions in the fight against climate change.


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