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Aviva Ventures Invests £1.5m in Scan.com

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Aviva Ventures’ Commitment to Transforming Healthcare

As the world constantly faces new challenges, it’s important to have companies that are willing to invest in innovative startups that offer solutions to these challenges.

Aviva, a multinational insurance company, is committed to identifying startups that are making a difference through its venture capital division, Aviva.

Recently, the company invested £150m in its venture capital division, and its first investment of £1.5m went to Scan.com, a London-based healthtech startup dedicated to improving healthcare access through artificial intelligence.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Aviva and what its investment in Scan.com means for the future of healthcare.  

 Aviva Ventures increased investment in its venture capital division:

The £150m investment Aviva made in Aviva Ventures is a testament to the company’s focus on making a difference in a world that requires innovation.

Aviva’ is dedicated to investing in areas such as customer wellbeing, mobility, sustainability, and new technologies like AI.

The company intends to identify and support innovative companies that are working to address today’s most pressing challenges, including healthcare access.

First investment is in healthtech startup, Scan.com:

Scan.com is a healthtech startup that Aviva Ventures has invested in from its latest fund.

Scan.com has recently raised £9.7m in its Series A round of funding, with Aviva Ventures contributing £1.5m.

The London-based startup has built a consumer-facing marketplace and API to improve access to diagnostic imaging and medical screening exams. By using cutting-edge technology, Scan.com aims to democratize access to critical health services, making it easier and more affordable for people to acquire the necessary medical care.

Other contributors to Scan.com’s Series A round:

Aviva Ventures wasn’t the only investor in Scan.com’s Series A funding round. YZR Capital, Oxford Capital, Triple Point, Simplyhealth, and Forefront Venture Partners also contributed.

The collective interest in health-tech and the potential that Scan.com has to disrupt the market underscores the value that the company can provide to its customers.

The future of Aviva Ventures:

Aviva aims to continue to invest in companies that are pioneering new approaches to healthcare, fintech, insurance, and other areas that impact people’s lives.

The future of the company is not only focused on increasing investment but also identifying and creating value for customers through disruptive companies.

Pioneering Innovation and Impactful Investments for a Better Future.

Aviva Ventures’ investment in Scan.com is the beginning of the company’s roadmap for creating a significant impact on healthcare access, and it demonstrates Aviva’s commitment to supporting innovative startups in several areas.

The future of Aviva Ventures is geared towards investing in disruptive companies that can innovate industries and on people’s lives positively. By investing in companies like Scan.com through its Venture capital division, Aviva is positioning itself to be a leader in innovation while shaping the future of insurance, fintech, healthcare, and other impactful industries.

Aviva Ventures has set a new standard in investing in companies that solve pressing problems by supporting startups and creating real value for customers.


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