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Advancing Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy AI: Microsoft’s Commitments and Collaborative Approach

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Microsoft’s Endorsement of New Voluntary Commitments for AI

Microsoft announces its support for new voluntary commitments presented by the Biden-Harris administration to ensure the safety, security, and trustworthiness of advanced AI systems. By endorsing these commitments and adding independent ones to support the cause, Microsoft aims to expand its responsible AI practices in collaboration with other industry leaders. These commitments create a foundation to stay ahead of AI risks, and the company welcomes the President’s leadership in fostering concrete steps for safer and more beneficial AI.

Guided by Principles of Safety, Security, and Trust

Grounded in enduring principles of safety, security, and trust, these voluntary commitments address risks associated with advanced AI models. They promote the adoption of specific practices, such as red-team testing and transparency reporting, to drive progress across the entire AI ecosystem. Building upon pre-existing work by the U.S. Government and complementing measures developed in Europe and elsewhere for high-risk applications, these commitments are poised to be adopted widely by the industry.

Microsoft’s Additional Commitments Strengthening the AI Ecosystem

In addition to endorsing the White House’s voluntary commitments, Microsoft has pledged to further enhance the ecosystem and operationalize the principles of safety, security, and trust. The company supports a pilot of the National AI Research Resource and advocates for a national registry of high-risk AI systems, aiming to advance transparency and accountability. Implementing the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and adopting cybersecurity practices tailored to AI risks will lead to more trustworthy AI systems that benefit society at large.

Collaboration and Gratitude for Crafting Responsible AI Commitments

Crafting commitments like these requires collaboration, and Microsoft acknowledges the efforts of key individuals in its responsible AI program, including Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott. Together with Natasha Crampton, Sarah Bird, Eric Horvitz, Hanna Wallach, and Ece Kamar, they have played crucial leadership roles in shaping Microsoft’s responsible AI ecosystem. Their dedication ensures that people remain at the heart of AI efforts, contributing to the positive impact of AI on communities worldwide.

Early Establishment of Codes of Conduct for Emerging Technology

The voluntary commitments put forth by the White House reflect the need to prioritize people’s interests in AI development. Microsoft believes in establishing codes of conduct early on to ensure safety, security, and trustworthiness in AI systems. By doing so, the company aims to unlock AI’s positive impact for communities across the United States and around the globe.

A Shared Vision: Advancing AI for the Benefit of All

As the tech industry joins hands with governmental leadership, the journey towards ethical AI is set in motion. Microsoft’s proactive approach to endorse and expand upon voluntary commitments underlines its dedication to advancing safe, secure, and trustworthy AI.

By staying committed to principles that put people first, the potential benefits of AI can be harnessed while effectively managing its risks. Through these collective endeavors, the path to unlocking AI’s positive impact for society becomes clearer than ever before.


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